Welcome to the Song Brewery

The Song Brewery was founded by myself, Katie Wellenberg, a singer/songwriter based in Munich, Germany with the intention to bring to life a hub that focuses on “brewing” legendary songs! The ingredients that go into such “hits” comprise savy lyric writing, compelling melodies, modern rhythmic patterns and chord progressions that make you wanna hit repeat time and again! But what´s most important is the creative mastermind that´s overseeing the process. The songwriter in charge! That´s where you come in! I want you to join a community of songwriters from across the world to help foster a mindset of creative song brewing, so each of us can unfold their full potential as songwriters and lyricists.  Songwriting is not merely a craft! It is a form of art! Probably even a way of life! Something that requires visionary thinking, passion, innovation, empathy, honesty and courage!  But don´t worry…nobody was born perfect! If you feel like you still have a lot to learn, you have come to the right spot! We are here to provide methodical thinking as well as intuitive decision making tools to help you create the songs you´ve been wanting to write for so long!

  • become a master in lyric writing
  • finally get down to music theory
  • receive monthly inspirations as well as cheat sheets to get you started
  • learn to experiment with different genres
  • be provided with backing tracks to get you started in toplining
  • receive vocal tips to help you record a great rough demo version
  • learn how to home record your demos and much more!

Songwriting is more than a passion, guys! It is a way of life! We understand what you need! We hook you up with likeminded folks, so you can surround yourself with your tribe and we´ll ultimately help you become everything you´ve been longing to be! 

So why wait?

Let´s brew some bloody hits, shall we? Go to the online course section and pick your entry level! (COMING SOON)

Katie is a Germany based Singer/Songwriter, Marketing Expert and certified Audio Technician. She has been nominated in the “Lyrics only” category for the German Songwriting Awards and was one of two finalists for the US Songwriting Awards (in the Music for Motion Picture category) in 2019. She has successfully pitched songs for the production music library at Universal Music Germany. With a focus on Country and Americana music, and a love of “storytelling-kinda-lyrics”, she has recently released her debut album “Root to Rise“.

She founded the Song Brewery in 2019, making this a place for songwriters worldwide who want to learn and grow together!

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