Coaching Session

We are happy to offer one on one consulting via Zoom

Book a half hour or full hour zoom video call with me (Katie) to get your questions answered.

Like you, I am a singer/songwriter myself. I am also a certified audio engineer and a proud “From Song to Sync” Masterclass alumna and I am happy to answer all your questions regarding:

  • Releasing your music on streaming platforms and what to consider pre-release
  • Songwriting royalties and how things work in the USA and Germany. (Disclaimer: no legal advice)
  • Master Recording Royalties – what they are and how to collect them  (Disclaimer: no legal advice)
  • Founding a publishing company as an indie songwriter
  • Branding and artist development
  • How to begin recording rough demos in Garageband or LogicX
  • Songwriting critiques amm.

Depending on the topic, I will happily be sharing plenty of checklists and templates for you to use for free, prepping you for a career in music.

What are you waiting for? Grab your spot!

Zoom call (half an hour): 27 Euros including Vat.

Zoom call (full hour): 50 Euros including Vat.

Availabilities: Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5 pm and 7 pm (Central European Time) or upon request. Send an e-mail to office/at/ to check our next available spot. We will respond within a working day.

Additionally, check our blog for helpful inputs on various songwriting and music bizz topics.

Yours truly,