Note from the editor

A new chapter

Hey my songbirds,

the year is coming to an end and the Song Brewery turns one! Yay!

It was actually over the Christmas break last year, that the idea for this project was born!

It has been an honour to connect with you guys and inspire each other and I am excited to continue this journey onwards!

In 2020 two courses will finally launch! One that´s all about lyric writing and one free music theory course.

I am also working on more tools and whitepapers, to help you (and myself) stay focused, committed, inspired and courageous!

Please feel free to always let me know your needs and send me your requests, so I can develop the right goodies for you!

For the year to come, I wish you and all of us a lot of good music, the time to write some killer songs and plenty of opportunities to get heard!

Let´s take on every challenge that comes our way and devote ourselves to being the best songwriters we could possibly be!

Cheers and Happy New Year!