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Artist talk with Royse

Ride the Bull is the brand new single by LA based singer/songwriter Royse. Being Texas born – her southern roots come right out in her music and we are in love with this track! A perfect blend of urban Pop mixed with that sassy Southern style. Royse’s secret weapon is her ability to explore darkness in order to get to the light. She openly speaks about taboo topics, breaking the barriers and converting those limiting emotions into something positive and encouraging for fans. Her mission with the new single and upcoming album is to highlight body positivity and we sat down to talk with Royse about that and the inspirations that drew her towards musicmaking!

Royse, congrats on the release of your single “Ride the Bull” Tell us a bit about this awesome track. What is the backstory?

This single is the first song being dropped from my upcoming EP! And I love this song because I tossed aside every box I have been told to stay in lyrically and musically and I remember sitting down in the studio wanting to create something that was completely me! And out came Ride The Bull and it helped inspire the rest of my upcoming EP. 

Your song is rather bold and open about body language and has a sexual undertone obviously. I love that the song is very empowering. A lot of times women are either too prude or too open about their sexuality. How important is this topic to you?  

Every person is given a unique beauty and I want that to be embraced. I want them to feel confident and sexy listening to my music no matter if they are a virgin or sleep around every night. That’s what’s important because every one is different in what they experience sexually BUT..everyone deserves to feel sexy in their skin and that type of empowerment is important to me. 

Agreed! You are originally from Texas, but are currently residing in California. Your music kind of combines a country vibe with a very urban city sound, which results in a powerful unique voice. How did you find your sound as an artist? Has this come easy to you or has this taken a bit to figure out how to best create your unique style?

It’s definitely taken a minute. I think I always tried to figure out my sound sooo hard because everyone would say…”Be Unique!” “Be Original!” And I would focus so much on that. It wasn’t until I took the pressure off myself to where I found my voice! Once I finally found my sound, it felt effortless which was something I had not experienced before, and it was a great feeling. So I encourage anyone that is creating to get into a space where you’re not trying to appease anyone but relax and make a sound just for you.

This is a great tip and I´m sure also a great comfort to hear for a lot of writers that also get soaked up by the pressure of “creating” a unique sound! So “Riding the bull” comes with a really cool beat. How did the writing process for this song look like? Did you start the song based on a hook, or did the lyrics come first? Or do you work like a topliner, who basically writes a melody over a beat/backing track? 

We honestly started it with joking around that southern girls can Ride The Bull better than anyone else! And so we loved it as an idea for a we started building melodies and lyrics behind it! And then I drew inspiration from things that I love like the Dallas Cowboys, drinking and my cowboy boots!

Dang! That sounds like a fun writing session, too! The song is your first single out of an upcoming album. What can listeners expect? How many songs will there be and are they similar in style to this first single?

All my upcoming music is a similar style to Ride The Bull. I have an EP dropping and then I will be releasing a full album! I am so excited because I have only released singles in the past…this will be my first official EP! I do have some surprises up my sleeve for some next tracks that I am so excited for!

Royse, like many other artists, you have probably had to deal with the restrictions that COVID-19 brought on live giging and the likes. You went home to Texas and spent time writing music. What have you learned during this “downtime” that translates into your art? 

I learned that it’s important to always connect with your roots. Even in the darkest times, music always finds a way to shift a perspective and uplift you. I felt very grateful over this pandemic for music. It got me through some long days. And honestly, having the time to just create and not worry about some other worries that comes along with being an artist really helped in my creation of music! A lot of life lessons I learned over the past few months with COVID-19, I wrote in a song called College of Life that I released over the summer! 

Let´s go back to the beginning. How did you even get started writing music and when did you decide this could be a path you want to follow professionally? 

I have always loved music since I was little and performing on my fireplace! When I was around 16 years old, I was in a song writing competition and I completely fell in love with creating music and I remember thinking to myself, I have to do this for the rest of my life. And ever since then I have been pursuing music. 

What are some challenges you think singer/songwriters face today, that need attention from the public and the industry? 

I think a huge challenge for writers and singers in creating music is that nothing is guaranteed with it. You can work on a track for a long time and nothing comes of it. This has happened to me a bunch. And so the inconsistency of work can be challenging, but that’s why it’s important to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. 

If there was one tip you could give out to aspiring songwriters, what would this be?

Take every opportunity to write with different people. I have found that working with people that are completely different than me expands my skills as a writer. Never be scared to push yourself out of your comfort zone (easier said than done). Also, never assume you are too good for a job. You never know where you’ll strike gold in this industry. I see time and time again where big egos get in their own way. 

Thank you so much for the interview and best of success for your single and Album! Keep inspiring!

Thanks so much! I had fun answering these questions!! Best to you!! – Royse 

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