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Best youtube channels for aspiring singer/songwriters

The beauty of the 21st century, are the endless possibilities, and especially access to educational content the internet brings us!While there are certainly also downsides to the data driven economy, there are also plenty of golden opportunities!

I am a big advocate for learning skills through online classes…learning online gives you maximal flexibility, but also demands a certain discipline and commitment, that has to come from no other than yourself!

If you are an aspiring songwriter, you probably face the challenges every creative job brings- which is finding your own style, and learning how to actually monetize your artistry! There is no “how to” book, that will give you the uh-huh moment!

Every artist comes with their own story and like a pioneer, must pave their own road!

One thing that is of great help though, are great mentors, teachers and supporters. I love to find those peers online! So today, I am sharing my favorite channels, that have helped me grow as a songwriter, and hopefully these people will spark a light in you, as well!

Let´s get started:

Building a brand online:

This is particularly interesting for songwriters, that want to promote themselves as artists also! Building a distinctive brand identity is keys in building a fanbase! It might sound duh…but digital marketing is actually fun! Go watch for yourself:

Sunny Lenarduzzi


Learn guitar:

Wanna learn to play the guitar, or improve your playing? I highly recommend taking some online lessons with Marty Schwartz at:


Vocal Coaching:

If you record your own songs / demos, nailing those vocals are a crucial part in setting yourself and your music up for success. If you need some technical training, check out:

Cari Cole:

Also try:

Felicia Ricci (Note: Felicia no longer puts out more teaching videos and instead focusses on building up her brand…BUT there´s awesome videos still online here:


Audio engineering:

I discovered Aubrey Whitfield via Instagram (where she shares awesome mixing tips regularly- def worth following too!). I also love her youtube channel, with awesome up-to-date audio tips! She works with Logicx:


If you are into Abelton, check out this account:

Learning the basics:

Looking for a music theory teacher? Go here:


Healthy mind, healthy body:

Not a songwriting topic, in particular, but i know a lot of artists love doing Yoga and connecting with the great divine: Adriene Mishler is my favorite Yogi ever. Go check out her 30 day programs

Yoga with Adriene:


And last not least, don´t forget to subscribe to our own channel, with plenty of songwriting and businesss tips!

Song Brewery:


Now- have fun building your songwriting career! And don´t forget: Only 1-2 videos a day! Mentors won´t walk the walk for you! You gotta explore, practise, invent and walk for yourself! So, dont get too distracted and lost in all the details! One step at a time!