Artist development

Building confidence as a musician!

Being a musician can be hard. Aside from financial insecurities and artistic doubts, being one among millions can feel overwhelming,.

So here´s two tips on how to build confidence and stay motivated

Stop comparing

Music is a form of art. Art (like beauty) lies in the eyes (or ears) of the beholder. Frankly, this may work for or against you –

depending on the situation and the beholder of course.

The downside to this “subjectiveness” is trying to get a feel of how good or bad you are at whatever it is you are doing.  Trying to

determine the level you are at. There is no success formula, no classic formation to becoming a marvellous musician…instead,

every musician comes with their own unique story. Many ways lead to Rome I guess…

While the freedom to explore your own ways comes in handy in the creative process, it may feel suffocating when trying to

measure your success and building confidence. You may constantly compare yourself to the “competition”.  And other peoples´

talents might throw you off! There´s always going to be some skill you are lacking.

So, I recommend to

  • stop comparing yourselfto others (what´s the use anyway…no artist is like the other, and that´s the whole point of it)
  • replace your envy with inspiration. Try to acknowlege other artists´ successes and feel inspired to evovle like they did…Don´t panic! There´s alway time and room for that!
  • focus on enjoying making music, instead of chasing “success”. Success has so many faces and definitions and those may change constantly. Don´t waste your time and energy on trying to chase something that´s as unsteady. Enjoy the process and screw the goal!

Acknowledge your past successes

Stop focussing on all the things you Can´t do and start recognizing all you Can do already!

Acknowledge all the talents you have and are working on, instead of the things yet to discover!

Think of yourself as a constant work in progress! Be aware that you will never be able to know and do everything. Let this sink in

and then go back to honing your skills. Use the toolkit you have available instead of lamenting what is not in your pocket.

Enjoy, that there is so much to tap into! So much to discover, to conquer and to learn!

Being creative only works as long as we can still discover! As long as there´s still room for creation, there´s room for progress!

Be proud of how far you´ve come! Full stop!

To sum things up:

Accept where you are at, acknowlege your current talents, be thankful, and stop  comparing! ART is NOT a competition! It´s expressing what´s inside of you by means of  the talents you have at hands RIGHT NOW !