Five awesome Christmas gifts for Songwriters

Not sure how you feel about it, but isn´t it a tad bit scary that we are merely six weeks away from Christmas? There are so many things still left unchecked on my list of goals in 2020. But let´s not drift off topic! Instead, I would like to share some gift ideas for your songwriting besties, or if you are a loner, why not treat yourself? 😉

These are my best finds on the net, if you are looking for a low budget gift that will make any songwriter´s heart beat faster! Please note, we are not affiliated with  any of these brands or shops and the following suggestions are no ads or promotions, but mere personal suggestions.

With that said, let´s go:

A scented candle to set the mood

Candles are always a good idea, especially if there´s cool candles like those by Whiskey River Soap Company. Check out their sortiment of statement candles and pick your favorite. Click on the candles to get to shop site.

A fun notebook to collect song titles and lines

A place to collect and structure song ideas is a must for a songwriter! While some songwriters work solely digitally, there are also still lots of folks (myself included), that prefer the old school paper – and pen brainstorming technique. If your friend falls into that category, they will love this notebook (click on image to get to shop site).

Custom Guitar picks

This is a fancy one for all the guitar playing songwriters! Custom made guitar picks will allow for song titles or band names to go on the pick or even pictures of the artist themselves!

There are plenty of sites that offer this service, but we like this one a lot, as the prices start at roundabout 20 dollars for a quantity of 10 picks!

You can alternatively get custom drum sticks as well! Click on the image to get to the store

(image credit: Instagram)

Music Quizzes 

Even the most introverted songwriter likes to get a good quizz on every now and then! Invite your friends over, have some drinks and get the music knowledge contest started with these cool quizzes, found at Two Old Hippies store in Nashville. Click on the image to get to shop link.

A good ole coffee mug for freshly brewed coffee

A true Song Brewery reader knows our slogan! We have a weakness for good coffee. Keep the creative juices flowing! We are also coffee mug lovers and think that a mug is always a great gift idea! Click on the image to get to the shopping link.

Hopefully some of these gift ideas got you inspired!

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