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Coffee and Songwriting- Expert talk with the Pitch List Podcast crew

While Podcast popularity has exploded in the past year and will likely continue to do so, we are honored and excited to share a special “coffee chat” interview with Pitch List Podcast host Chris Lindsey and his producer Daena Rogers.

For those of you who do not know, Pitch List Podcast is a the Nashville based podcast targeted at songwriters and music creators, and forming part of the American Songwriter podcast network.  Chris is a savy hit songwriter and producer himself, whose track record includes cuts by Blake Shelton, The Civil Wars, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and many more!

Daena is also a successful songwriter, whose music has been featured on official Spotify playlists as well as major radio stations.

Now, grab a cup of coffee and read this cool interview with these two top notch industry experts!

Chris and Daena, thank you both so much for your time and for agreeing to do this interview. We are super excited for you, as you have just launched Season 4 of the Pitch List Podcast! Tell us a bit about what to expect in the upcoming episodes, will you?

Daena: Thank you so much for having us, Katie! This season’s lineup is incredible, between our feature with songwriting and country music legend Bill Anderson, to pop artist and Grammy-award winning writer Emily Weisband, all the way to Ashley Gorley, the first songwriter in any genre to reach 50 No. 1 songs. This season, we’re striving to diversify our guests by genre and style, while also digging into the universal truths and heart of why making music is such an incredible process to each one of our guests. 

“Find something you enjoy doing so much you’d do it for nothing. And then learn to do it so well that they’ll pay you, and you’ve got it made. That’s loving it. That’s almost the secret to life.” – Bill Anderson, S4 Ep 56 

That sounds super exciting! But, before you tell us more, let’s go backwards to how it all started. What made you create a podcast around songwriting in the first place? Would you say songwriters need to have a stronger voice in today’s music markets? 

Chris: Hi Katie! From the very first podcasts I listened to, I was hooked on the form. I love in-depth, unhurried discussions about almost any topic. There is so much bad information about songwriting and I have tried to add some practical, real life experience into the mix. My basic mantra is to make a podcast that I would have loved when I first moved to Nashville. 

I love that! Chris, as a hit songwriter, how do you balance the need to express yourself in your songs as opposed to the requirements an artist might have, when cutting one of your songs? How do you manage to stay true to yourself as a writer, but remain flexible enough to let go of the ego? 

Chris: Great question. You just do it over and over until you’re numb… just kidding : ) There is a spot where art and commerce meet… where both objectives are satisfied. I shoot for that… don’t always get there, but I try. 

Interesting! What are some important skills a songwriter should bring to the table? 

Chris: Assuming the writer has talent, I think tenacity and the ability to shake off repeated rejection are paramount. Good political skills and common sense don’t hurt either.

Daena: To me, the most important skill that you can bring to the table as a songwriter is honing in on your strengths and knowing what you naturally do well, whether that be melody, lyrics, making beats, or anything else. Then connect with co-writers who have different skill sets than you, not only to write the best song possible together, but to learn from those writers and help strengthen your weak points for the future. 

I agree! Speaking of songwriting. How do you both find inspiration and how much time do each of you personally carve out to devote it to writing songs aside from running a business? 

Daena: Listening to music and going to shows (pre-pandemic) always inspires me to make music, as well as surrounding myself in the writing room and Nashville community with other artists that I admire. Music has always been my first love, so making time to write and make music whenever I can fit it in will always be a priority for me. That being said, I think it’s super important to take care of your mental health, set aside time for self-care, and figure out how often it’s best for you to write (whether that be every day, once a week, etc).

Chris: Like Daena, music is and has always been my first (artistic) love. Other than my family, it comes first for me no matter what other business I’m involved with. 

We all love a good cup of coffee. I will often joke about coffee being my most prolific cowriter. Like Dolly Parton so rightly called it…A cup of ambition! Do you have a fun anecdote around coffee and songwriting you would like to share? 

Chris: I think we would be missing a lot of great songs if caffeine didn’t exist! There is some kind of unholy alliance between caffeine, nicotine and songwriting. There just is. 

Haha! Got it! Your Coffee Order: 

Chris: Double cappuccino with one half of a Splenda.

Daena: Iced vanilla lace or dark roast drip coffee with a splash of almond milk. 

Great choices! I´ll stick to a black coffee. We call them “Americano” in Europe. Now, before I’ll let you go back to work, please let us know where to listen to your podcast and which episode you would recommend to get started? 

Daena: You can check us out on your preferred listening plattform (such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc) by searching for “Pitch List”, or visit our website at to learn more about us and listen to the show. I’d personally recommend starting with one of my favorites, our episode with Jessi Alexander (“The Climb”, “I Drive Your Truck”), or check out our recent chat with Emily Weisband (“Thy Will”, “Consequences”) – then dig back into the archives to S1 EP 1 with Craig Wiseman and you’ll be hooked! Thanks y’all! 

“Music has existed in every culture since the beginning of culture, in every spot on the planet. It is so importantly necessarily human; deep down, integral to our existence. Please don’t forget that.” – Cam, S4 Ep 60 (Release Date: March 11th) 

Thank you so much for your insights and best of success with Season 4 of your podcast! 

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