Different song structures and why they matter

When starting out writing songs, we often just pour our hearts into some chords and lyrics with little knowledge of song structures or the rules of storytelling.

The most typical song form in popular music is probably a Verse, Verse Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus pattern.

There are variations (like adding a Prechorus before every chorus or skipping a verse in the beginning), but this is essentially the most common song form. Or at least it has been.

With attention spans getting shorter and shorter some writers argue that musical themes should change every 10 seconds or so, adding novelty all the time.

I´m not all so sure about this approach though. It is all a matter of context, but I´d rather convince people to give my stories a decent listen, than keeping them entertained in shallow ways.

To get people to really listen, applying the proven song structures can be super beneficial. First of all, by repeating themes (e.g. singing the verse twice in the beginning and then transitioning into a compelling catchy chorus), we add relevance to the verses, but also create familiarity early on.

For anyone who would like to dive a little deeper into this topic, I have created a little video lesson a while back. Watch it here:

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