Note from the editor

Goodbye 2020

Dear readers,

another year is about to come to an end! And what a year it was! 2020, the pandemic year will always be remembered! We had to face many challenges this year!  All of us!  And yet, there are things to be grateful for, as well. The growing community of talented songwriters from all walks of life on the Song Brewery accounts is just one to name!

I want to say thank you! Thank you for learning and growing with me this year! Thank you for following the Song Brewery on all social accounts and for constantly sending me feedback! Thank you for reading this blog and for inspiring each other!

I´m looking forward to bringing you more valuable content in 2021! There will be more in depth blogposts on all things songwriting & recording as well as music business hacks! There will be free courses and downloadable artist guides available for you soon!

Stick with us and let´s keep supporting each other! Songwriters from across the globe, from all backgrounds, beginners to pros! We are one community! So, let´s lift each other up and rise together!

Thank you and Happy New Year to all of you!




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