How to know if your songs are any good

songwriting critique

If you are an aspiring songwriter, having written a handful of tunes, you might be super proud of your accomplishments and the results you´ve achieved. And you have every right to celebrate yourself a bit!!!

And yet you might also be insecure about how other people perceive your work.  As much as we tell ourselves, that outer opinions shouldn´t matter as much, they still do…We are only human.

If you want to truely find out, if your songs resonate with others as well, here are some of my tips, that will help you see more clearly. Being so close to your own stories, can be quite confusing.

Test the waters

This might sound intimidating, but the best way to test out your songs, is to actually perform them in front of people! Get yourself in front of an audience (other than just family and friends) and see their reactions. Are people listening to your songs? Are they gathering around you? Or are they chatting and ignoring you. Please mind: Going on stage for the first time can be nerve-wrecking and you may not know how to capture the audiences´ attention if you are just starting out. So, if you have a hard time winning them over, it might not necessarily mean your songs aren´t worth their time…it might just mean, that you need to step up your game as an entertainer…So, be sure not to take everything too personal….both aspects are areas you can grow in…

Song critique services

If live performances still seem way too far-fetched, then you may opt for one of the many song critique services out on the internet.
A song critique service will allow for you to pitch a song to professionals from within the industry, who will then take a listen and get back to you with an honest feedback and suggestions you might not have considered before. Some of the most renowned providers of that kind are NSAI (Nashville Songwriter Association International) and Taxi.

Walk away for a while!

If none of the above is in your cards right now, you can still rely on your own judgement. Songs will always be a subjective matter anyways…so don´t put too much weight on what others are saying, especially in an early stage.

In order for you to judge your own songs rather neutrally, it is necessary to walk away from them for a while. Let them sit for a week or two, then go back listening to your songs and see if a) you still like them or b) you are no longer as excited about them. Find out what you were so excited about in the first place and see if that still rings true! If not, tweak on them! And let them sit for a while again! A song doesn´t have to be written in one piece! Some songs come along that way, others are a work in progress that might take months or even years to finish!

So, releax and keep on writing! The more you write, the better you´ll get!