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Introducing “The Pen & the Voice” podcast for storytellers

It is a very special day today, as I am finally sharing about a big, exciting new project dear to my heart.

My dear songwriting & audio engineering friend Samantha Gunney and I (Katie) are launching a podcast centered around today┬┤s creative industries and the life behind the art.

We cover topics such as “storytelling in a fast-paced world”, “the meaning of art” and a longing for “slow culture in a hustler society”. Moreover, we share about our own journeys as well.

This first season is all about Samantha and me starting the conversation and being a voice for the countless creators behind the scenes. Season 2 will feature interview guests and experts from different walks of life. This is a movement towards a healthier culture for us creators. The music industry is tough and very controlled by some big players and this also goes for other creative industries. We need strong alliances to not go unseen and unheard!

Please check out the first episode on your favorite podcast platform.

Below are the links to Spotify and Anchor

Much love,


The Pen And The Voice on Spotify

The Pen And The Voice on Anchor

The Pen and The Voice on Instagram

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