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Let´s talk coffee!

Dear Song Brewery friends and followers,

I am so proud of our growing community and am working on new treats for all of you like a busy honey bee!

I am considering starting a Facebook group soon, so we can all connect with each other and discuss topics more directly!

But let´s see what 2020 brings!!

Right now, (despite the global pandemic that brings challenges for all of us), I am simply grateful, and one of the reasons I am even more so, is the cup of coffee I am holding in my hands right now as I am typing these thoughts!

All during lent this year, I abstained from this magic drink, that is such an essential part of my songwriting, that I am seriously thinking of it as my number one  cowriting buddy!

What I realized is how much creativity coffee sparks in me really! While staying away from it has helped me calm down a lot and focus on my blog writing tasks and general office chores a lot, I did notice a decline in creativity, which admittedly is kind of scary.

But, I reminded myself, that I named this site Song Brewery for that very reason! My love of songs and my love of coffee! So subconsciously I must have always known I musn´t separate one from the other! 😉

I´m wondering, what your secret creativity hacks are?

Why don´t you leave me a comment with your go to songwriting triggers either here below my post or on Instagram or Facebook! I´d love to read through some fun answers!

Remember: We can all learn from each other!

With this being said, I want to wish you a Happy Easter! Stay healthy and safe!



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Pssst:  Little announcement! In this Sunday´s post you´ll learn to write lyrics that are actually singable! Make sure not to miss it!

2 thoughts on “Let´s talk coffee!

  1. Sometimes lyrical inspiration doesn’t come when we want it so I’ll go on Pinterest and look at artistic photography until something connects. Sometimes you need to see images to find inspiration.

    1. Such a great idea to go looking on Pinterest! I have never done that, but will try most definitely! I agree, that pictures can provoke so many great ideas! Sometimes book titles to that for me, too! 🙂

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