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Little Love Letter to Songwriting

Dear fellow artists,

today I want to share a little love declaration to songwriting!

This is just a personal note, but I somehow sense, that it may “strike a chord” with some of you out there! So, let´s see!

Not sure about you, but when I introduce myself somewhere as a songwriter (e.g. at open mic nights), the one question I get asked a lot is: ” Soooo, are you a “professional” songwriter or is it  just a “hobby”?”

And that question almost always upsets me in a way. I mean, I don´t blame anyone for asking, but I feel like it degrades the “art” and the “value” of songwriting in a way, that hurts me to the bones!

Truth is, to me songwriting is neither, nor! It´s not just a “job” and it certainly isn´t “just a hobby” either, which would equal something to “pass time”!

Songwriting is something I identify with! I AM a songwriter. Versus: I write songs!

It´s weird how people do not seem to understand. But as I said…who can blame them. I guess you have to be a songwriter to understand one!

As much as I love the idea of living of songwriting, (which equals living true to myself), I would never call it a “job”. It will never be something I do because it brings me money. If you are a songwriter, with all your heart invested, you know what I´m talking about!

Songwriting is a lot of things: It´s therapy, it´s communication, It´s connectivity, it is artmaking, it is a great satisfaction and a bit like an honour service! I guess service is a key word here. I put myself in service when I write! Humanity will always need songs! It´s our way of telling stories, sharing emotions and healing!

If songwriting were but a hobby, the songs would never turn out any good I guess! Why is that? A hobby is for your own pleasure really! But songwriting can hurt! It can hurt to deal with your pain or the pain of the people you write about. It also sometimes hurts, when you don´t seem to get it right! In that way it can indeed feel a bit like work! Like labour! A bit like bearing a “child”… in a very abstract/spiritual way of course.

Just look at it this way: Would people consider “writing a journal” to be a “hobby”? Probably not, it is more like “self-development”, awareness work… You get the idea!

Maybe songwriting is my religion! I don´t know!
Either way, it is something I personally love doing! And they say, “find what you love and you´re good to go!”

True that!

Let´s celebrate our passions and talents today! Let´s celebrate creativity, communication and our weird emo souls!