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Make some noise for Nuria!

Noise” being the 4th single from her upcoming debut album, Nuria is starting the year out with a lot to look forward to!

The Tasmanian singer/songwriter, who has formerly been known as Anna Maynard, made a shift from her previously acoustic sounds towards a more mature, moody, synth-based pop approach.

Watch her brand new music video for “Noise” right here:

We asked Nuria a couple of questions about her songwriting process and the way these new songs were produced. Read them below:

Nuria, congratulations on the release of “Noise“, which is a very emotional ode to human connection and artmaking. Tell us a little bit about what inspired the song.

N: This is a song about human experiences – confined spaces, painful interactions, our own internal narrative and a sense of wanting to escape to another dimension. And finding that escape in music.

Speaking of which…the chorus line “I am only music” strikes out as a very powerful statement in the song! Do you remember when and how this lyrical idea came up?

N: Music is such an important escape for me and is that dimension that I lose myself in when I need to step away from reality. When I put on my headphones the sound waves penetrate right through me and it feels as though “I am only music”.

When writing a new song. What ́s your approach? What comes first, lyric or melody or chords or all at once?

N: For me a feeling comes first. A strong emotion that I feel compelled to let out of my body and put into an art form. With that feeling I rest my hands on my keyboard and find the notes and melody that match the feeling. The words come from a subconscious level and I try to run with them however they initially come out. I think there are hidden truths in what we don’t overthink and I find that process really powerful to uncover. Some songs are a struggle to come out and those are the ones that usually never really get where I want them to. The songs that work flow out quickly and easily.

Yes, most songwriters would probably agree, that in this state of “flow”, we deliver our best works! I definitely do! You are also an active member of the Australia based I heart songwriting club. What has been a key takeaway from enganging in such a community based educational progam?

N: This has been an amazing way of feeling a sense of community with other songwriters. The most valuable part for me has been writing to a task which helps overcome times when creativity isn’t abundant on its own. Sometimes I don’t have a strong enough feeling to be compelled to write and a topic helps me work through that. I quickly find something that I really do want to write about.

“Noise” was produced by Dave Crow from Sing Hum records. How did your collaboration come to be and how has working with a professional producer added value to your song?

N: Dave is a friend from years back when I lived in Alice Springs. We collaborated on a lot of projects, both helping each other out. His musical style, skills, work ethic and great personality are why I have asked him to work on a number of my tracks. It is a magical thing to have someone develop a song you have written and take it somewhere you didn’t imagine it could go.

You have been trained as a classical singer and piano player from an early age on. When did you start writing songs and has music always been your dream career?

N: I remember sitting at the piano and singing long before my feet could reach the ground. Music is not so much a career choice as a life choice. It is inextricably part of how I live and always will be – regardless if I ever make any money out of it!

Totally get what you are saying! You have previously self-released a couple of songs, like “A way that saves us”, which can be found on your youtube channel. How did you acquire production and home-recording skills?

N: I’ve had a few tips from producers/sound engineers that I’ve worked with over the years and then just experimented! It´s endless fun!

What is the biggest challenge for you as an indie artist in today ́s fast-pace music industry?

N: The music industry is pretty saturated with great music and getting a song heard is a challenge. People are also busier than ever and overloaded with entertainment with social media etc. There is a lot of “Noise” so to speak!

Agree! Which online ressources could you recommend to fellow songwriters, that contribute to their writing skills?

N: I Heart Songwriting has been a hugely valuable group for me and founder Francesca de Valence provides a lot of useful resources.

Last, not least: What ́s the best tip you have ever received regarding songwriting?

N: Remember your purpose and why you want to share your music, you can never please everyone but there will be someone out there who will be grateful for what you have created.

Thank you Nuria for your time and dedication and all the best to you with all your music projects!

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