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Muting the inner critic

Dear Songbirds,

this is a post from my heart to yours!

Do you ever hear that inner voice telling you your songs aren´t good enough? That they are too simple, too predictable, too uninspired, too complicated, too little too much…You name it!? Or do you ever compare your sound to that of other artists and feel like it isn´t holding up?

If you ever do encounter this nasty inner voice, you are not alone! But today I want to try to convince you, that it is crucial to shut that voice down and direct your energy elsewhere! I will also let you know when to allow the nasty voice back in! So let´s go!

To begin, let´s picture you as a new parent! You have born a song baby so to say! 

Now, think of your critical inner voice as a little child (maybe 4 or 5 years old), that is wild and untamed, but that doesn´t have much life experience as of yet! Would you listen to this child criticize  your little baby?  No, you wouldn´t! Because you love your baby and you know that the little child is pure of heart, but does not have the insights to judge correctly! You would make sure your baby isn´t listening to the young child!

So in order to take care and nurture your newborn baby, you may need to tell the child to not say things like that and respect the little one!

After all, you want your baby to feel safe and nurtured and make sure it grows up in an environment that allows for it to flourish. You want the baby to explore life one step at a time! Transferring the baby back to a song, that means, playing with tunes, melodies and moods, until something resonates with you! Let it trip and fall and get back up again! 😉 You need not worry about simplicity, structures or genres at all. Every baby is beautiful in their own way!

So, while you are watching your baby grow, you could teach the other child to be more considerate. It will grow older and gain some life experience little by little understanding some of the struggles life brings upon us! Now the two of you are on the same page! That´s when you should have a conversation with that young person that still has curiosity and fresh ears to offer. That´s when you want to bring the voice back in and really take to heart what it is telling you!

But even then: Be kind, and don´t over-analyze and keep in mind, that a kid is still just that! A young person with an opinion that could change by the day! So, do talk to some adults as well! And by that I mean, stop talking to yourself and start sharing your music for fuck´s sake!  😉

I hope by disarming your inner critic a little, you will be able to shed the negative talk and fully thrive during the writing process! (Also, do look at the Walt Disney method for that matter!)

Life is too short to worry about criticism! From your premature self or others 😉


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