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New Music Friday

Another New Music Friday! Like every last Friday in the month, we introduce you to new music we have found, and which you can check out on our Spotify Playlists.

To pitch music for our playlists, please make sure to inlcude “Music Friday” into the subject line of your e-mail.

Some exciting news to begin with! We have created a brand new Playlist called “Folk for laid back Folks“. Give us a follow please;)

This month, we have added five amazing new tracks to our playlists:

BOY BLUE & KEISH – MELANCHOLIC SUNSET – on our Pop Discoveries playlist

This is an exciting new track that reached us from Tokyo/Japan. Melancholic Sunset is the third single from singer Boy Blue and producer Keish. The young artists refer to their track as “ethereal and chill R&B” and we couldn´t have said it better.

Listen here:

MALON WAY – ELEPHANT SONG – on our Folk for laid back Folks playlist

The Munich based band Malon Way have debuted their long awaited single Elephant Song. This folky tune with warm vocals and some laid back Banjo sounds is perfect to ring in the weekend!

Listen here:

CELESTE – IDEAL WOMAN- on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

The London based singer/songwriter Celeste has released a new album called “Not your Muse”. Ideal woman is a song we loved and had to add to our playlist. Celeste has the most beautiful voice and the song has a strong message.

Listen here:

ANNA VINCE – NOTHING LEFT TO SAY- on our Folk for laid back Folks playlist.

Germany based singer/songwriter Anna Vince has released her second single Nothing left to say this month. She skillfully wraps her warm vocals across the wide and beautifully panned instrumental mix.

Listen here:

ANN DOKA & MEG PFEIFFER – FANCY BOOTS- on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

Another German collaboration caught our attention this month. Ann Doka & Meg Pfeiffer released Fancy boots, a country inspired pop tune to empower you to walk your own walk and be who you are.

Listen here:

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