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New Music Friday – April Issue

It is New Music Friday yet again! Like every last Friday in the month, we introduce you to new music we have found, and which you can check out on our Spotify Playlists.

To pitch music for our playlists, please make sure to inlcude “Music Friday” into the subject line of your e-mail.

Excited to discover some new gems? Let´s dive right in!

SARAH FAITH – HONEST – on our Country Voices Playlist

Nashville based singer/songwriter Sarah Faith has released a song that will give you chills. “Honest” is a raw, emotional song, that lays out Sarah´s story in dealing with the loss of her mother to alcohol. This young woman is a fantastic songwriter and an advocate for mental health through her music. Make sure to give her masterpiece a listen here:

GAVIN GRAYE- REAL STUFF- on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

This young man´s song reached us via e-mail beginning of the month and we knew we had to feature it on the blog! Real stuff is about integrity and mixes pop beats with alt rock vocals and guitar strums.

Go listen here:

BROOKE STEPHENSON – CRY TO ME- on our Country Voices Playlist

Brooke Stepehnson has this special something in her voice that takes us on a nostalgic trip to oldschool country/blues. “Cry to me” sounds like a mix of Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt. The perfect song to listen to on a Friday night with a glass of Chardonnay!

ADELE & ANDY – AS MUCH AS I MISS YOU- on our Country Voices Playlist

Every playlist, in order to be complete, needs a heartfelt ballad and this is exactely what made us add “As much as I miss you” to our country playlist. This beautiful track is timeless and full of emotion that goes right to the heart. Make sure to check it out right here:

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