New Music Friday – August Issue

Welcome to New Music Friday! Every last Friday of the month, we introduce new music – freshly added to our Spotify Playlists.

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Ready for new music? Let´s go!

LIBERTREE – GHOST DRIVER – on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

We have introduced Berlin based artist Libertree in this month´s artist talk. Her album “Catch You on the Flip Side” is captivating from start to finish. Ghost Driver stood out with its reflective lyrics and suspenseful sound. Listen here:

CHAPEL HEART – YOU CAN HAVE HIM JOLENE- on our Country Voices Playlist

We recently discovered Chapel Heart – a band, composed of three singers mixing country with pop and some bluesy tunes. Their single “You can have him Jolene” is a fun, uptempo song that will instantly lift your mood! Go listen here:


“A part of me” is the second single by Canadian singer/songwriter Katye Donoghue. The piano folk-pop ballad is full of emotion, beautifully delivered through Katye´s raw vocals. Give this track a listen here:


THE SOUTHERN GOTHIC – UP ON YOUR LOVE- on our Country Voices Playlist

The Southern Gothic present a new uptempo country single: “Up on Your Love” celebrates the beauty of a new love relationship and the feeling of waking up next to someone you love. A beautiful track to sweeten up our summer:

PATINA LUX – LONELY AT THE TOP – on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

Patina Lux is back with another single called “Lonely at the top”. The groovy track mixes soft, soothing vocals with punchy, uptempo beats and melancholic instrumental cadences. We love! Listen here:

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