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New Music Friday – July Issue

Another New Music Friday! Every last Friday of the month, we introduce new music from our readers and from across the internet. All songs below are also being featured on our Spotify Playlists.

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Ready for some new tracks? Let´s go:

ACT OF NATURE – STOP BEING LIKE THIS – on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

The Canadian band “Act of Nature”, consisting of singer/songwriters Laura Easson and Jordan James released their debut single. “Stop being like this” is a song full of storytelling with a lovely build up throughout the song, a clean production and a progressive beat that makes you want to dance. Laura´s vocals bring in a bit of a “Veronicas” flavor in her higher range. Listen here:

SOPHIA SCOTT – ME, MYSELF, and WINE- on our Country Voices Playlist

Our Country Fans will enjoy this upbeat new single by Nashville based singer/songwriter Sophia Scott, who combines country and pop music with a modern twist. “Me, Myself, and Winel” features Sophia´s powerful vocals with her typical belted high notes and puts a smile on your face with the honest, somewhat self-ironical lyrics! Perfect summer song to listen to in your car on your way home from work!


A new single by “Lyra Star” dropped just end of July. The loneliest nights combines various musical styles, such as folk, pop and some classical nuances. Lyra´s crystal clear voice draws the listener in from the start. Go give this song a listen:

PATRICE PERIS – FALLING – on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

Patrice Peris dropped another gem of a song!  “Falling” is a contemporary, dramatic pop ballad, with lots of interesting twists both vocally and musically. A song to “fall into” after a stressful day. Patrice´s angel-like voice never disappoints!

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