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New Music Friday – May Issue

It is New Music Friday yet again! Like every last Friday in the month, we introduce you to new music we have found, and which you can check out on our Spotify Playlists.

To pitch music for our playlists, please make sure to inlcude “Music Friday” into the subject line of your e-mail.

Excited to discover some cool new tracks? Let´s go!

JENNIFER JULIETTE – SMALL VOICE – on our Pop Discoveries Playlist

Berlin based singer and songwriter Jennifer Juliette has released a vulnerable, epic piano-heavy ballad that addresses the heart-wrenching and rather taboo matters of miscarriage. She gives a voice to women who suffer silently. Despite her song being called “small voice”, Jennifer herself is a fully trained (classical) singer with powerful vocals that will blow you away. Make sure to give this magical pop ballad a listen here:

KELSEA BALLERINI (feat. KENNY CHESTY) – HALF OF MY HOMETOWN – on our Country Voices Playlist

Nostalgia is a weird feeling! Mingling happiness and sad moments in ways that hurt so good. Just like Kelsea Ballerini´s song “Half of my Hometown”, featuring Kenny Chesney. Don´t we all have this special place that feels like home, even after all those years have gone by? Go listen here:

AFTON WOLFE – PAPER PIANO- on our Folk for Laid Back Folks Playlist

Afton Wolfe is back! We had the pleasure to interview him back in 2020. See here. Now, in 2021 he is about to release a second album, a continuation of his unique style that blends old school blues, jazz and something I refer to as southern folk into one magic mix. His single Paper Piano gives a taste of what´s to come and we are sure you will love this as much as we do!

SHIPS HAVE SAILD – TAKE MY MONEY- on our Pop Discoveries Playlist

Ships have sailed are brighting up our weekend with an uplifting, humorous pop melody. This is just what we needed to move away from pandemic fatigue towards a brighter season! Listen here:

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