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New Spotify Playlists

It is with great pleasure that we are sharing some of our new Spotify playlists with you today!
The one Song Brewery playlist that has longest been in existence and is known by most of our readers is the Artists to Watch in 2020 playlist.

But the year is slowly coming to an end (I can sense you releasing a sigh of relieve right now;)). For that very reason we have decided to create more playlists that we are happy to share with you below! If any of these playlists resonate with you and you might even think your own music might be a perfect fit, please give those playlists a follow and feel free to pitch your songs to us! Our playlists are usually a mix of established artists and newcomers from the Song Brewery community!

Enough words, let´s look at what we´ve got:

Brand new: Holiday Music

A festive playlist to get you through this somewhat different Holiday Season!

Country Voices

This playlist contains plenty of indie discoveries you don´t necessarily find on Country Radio! if your heart beats for authentic Country and Americana, this is your go to playlist!

Female Voices in Folk

Females are still way underrepresented in the music industry! And yet, especially in folk music, there are incredibly beautiful emotional female songs, you would´t want to miss! A playlist with plenty of slow music, to wind down at the end of a working day!

Pop Discoveries

This list was inspired by some of our artists from the artist talk interviews on the blog. This growing list features modern pop music, that has a dark edge to it.

Definitely go give it a listen and follow if you like!

Impact Songs

This list is still in progress. Our Impact Songs list features songs that we consider hold important messages that need to be shared!

If you have written a song to spread a positive message, please share it with us!

We hope you love those playlists!


There is one song we would like to point out and it is to be found on our Country Voices playlist and is a (unsigned artists) collective charity song, brought to life by Scarlet River Management and Country Chat.

“I won´t forget to miss you” charted #2 in the iTunes Country Charts and raises awareness for mental health issues and coping with being isolated from loved ones!

All proceeds will go to “MIND“, a mental health charity in the UK.

Definitely give it a listen! We would love to credit the amazing artists and on this project: Emma Moore, Kyle Elliott, Brittany McLamb, Emilia Quinn, Charlotte Young, Georgia Nevada, Daniel Borge, Bob Fitzgerald, Tyler Spicer, as well as the organizers Dom Crooke & Rachel Sellick.

Happy new week everyone!

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