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Persevering beginner´s mind in songwriting

This goes out to my songwriting kings and queens! 

Have you ever been in a situation where you started out with a new venture and everything seemed to fall into place right away? Did you meet someone who was of help to your project or got good feedback early on? And then, a month in or so, things suddenly stagnated? Sounds familiar?

Well, just know that I am not referring to social media platforms here, that by ways of algorithmic programming will indeed send people to a newly created account to help kickstart it but then make things extra hard for newbies.
No, I am talking about your mind, the universe and whatever else might be involved.

Whether or not you are one to believe in manifesting, you will probably agree, that overall what we think has an impact on how we feel and thus on how we present in a certain moment.
A lot of times, once the playfulness of a new beginning shifts to a (often out of proportion) desire to succeed, the energy seems to shift as well. Now, all of a sudden, you want things too much! You are trying too hard and simultaneously you might get anxious with first doubts might sneak in: “Am I gonna make it? Am I prepared for this journey? Who am I to succeed? What was I thinking?”

Let´s get real

Here’s the thing! The business of  songwriting is a business like few others! There aren’t many security nets to fall into and there’s little predictability! But one thing is for sure: If you do not believe in yourself 100 %, how can you expect others to do so?

A lot of the things that happen to us, are really happening for us. The way we carry ourselves through this world will resonate with folks or push them away. People might find manifesting ridiculous, but the truth is, the one thing that’s in our own power are the thoughts we think and the way we present ourselves to the outside world. With that said, go and work on your mindset! Watch your inner dialogue! Talk nicely to yourself! Believe in yourself and IF doubts creep in, listen for a second and if they make you feel bad about yourself, let go off them! Be your own bodyguard! If you feel those doubts actually have a point and do protect you of something, accept them. There’s a huge difference between those two scenarios.
All I’m saying is, you are the one person you can control, so do everything you can to convince yourself of being worthy, skilled and the next badass songwriter, because that’s exactly who you are, if you allow for it!

In that sense, persevere your beginner´s mind! The playfulness, hope and firm believe that what you launched yourself into was a brilliant ideas your biggest asset!



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