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Why writing bad songs is a good idea

You might be on to something good….

A lot of times, when writing songs, we judge our music all too quickly. Does the song sound pretty? Modern? Corny? Stupid? Would other artists write something like this? Would it be played on the radio etc.

I´m sure you have thought these thoughts before!

There is one major reason for why giving yourself a break from these destructive thoughts can actually lead you to your very best songs yet!

Think of your “bad” songs as your shadow songs. The ones that aren´t immaculate and sophisticated, but rather dull and maybe a little lame. And yet, they represent a part of you, too! That´s why they bug us so much, right? Because we created them! They come from a place inside ourselves. So they feel like a flaw in our artmaking.

But if you can get past this self-degrading thought pattern, and think of what made you write the song and what makes you feel ashamed of it, or unhappy with it, you might discover some shadows in your soul that need your attention. Something you do not want to allow to come to the surface maybe. Like…being mediocre? Being boring? Being aggressive maybe? So we mask these things in some of our songs…only allowing few flaws in that feel like they sit in the right spot!

I think, once you understand your inner shadows and can slowly make peace with them. Eventually you might be able to take some of these shadows by the hand and guide them to the light! You might take bits and pieces from your song (that you do not like) and dig deeper and mix them with song ideas you like. You might create your best, and most authentic works, once you stop judging or writing for someone else! You might find your true songwriting artistry, once you allow yourself to invest yourself wholly. Lights and shadows, good and bad, the beauty and the beast! It´s all one! Go for it!

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