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Artist Talk with LIZZIE

Being only 18 years young, UK based singer-songwriter LIZZIE is gaining plenty of recognition from industry professionals for her extraordinary writing and performance skills.

She was a finalist of Open Mic in the UK and has been featured on BBC Introducing twice. The rising artist has recently released her EP SILVER LINING, a collection of 6 songs, mostly crafted on piano and featuring impeccable vocals.

We are excited to chat with LIZZIE about her songwriting process, the inspirations behind her songs and her aspirations in music and life.

LIZZIE, congrats on your EP release. “Silver Lining” hit the DSPs in February of this year and you have amassed an impressive amount of streams in little time. Tell us abit about the EP. What inspired it, which song was the easiest and which one was the hardest to write?

Well a lot of the songs on my EP reflect things that have happened to me personally in the past or recent problems as I felt like these songs would help others when things get dark in their life. I feel like these songs can help people understand that they aren’t alone and that if they are struggling they will get through it.

I think originally we were going to try and write a happy song for the last one but it just didn’t work as it just went really sad. I’ve learnt though, sometimes music has a plan for you and you’ve got to let it happen before you can move forward.

I think Blue Sky was probably the easier one for me as it was uplifting in a sense that there will alway be a blue sky there to remind me that it’s a new day.

The hardest one I think personally was Walkaway, as I had broken up with my boyfriend as things just weren’t working out and I was really crushed about it, but knew it was for the best.

Your song “Dark Clouds” alludes to the silver linings that follow the heavy storms and that ultimately ended up being the title of your EP. Tell us a bit more about the backstory of “Dark Clouds” and what the song means to you.

The story behind Dark Clouds is that there’s this girl who’s really struggling with everything going on in her life. In the first verse I sang “have you ever felt at the end, ain’t no way back, four walls closing in and your heart´s under attack”, which tells you that this person feels like their backed into a corner and can’t escape, with their heart beating so fast that they can’t keep up with it.

This song is telling people that no matter what, you won’t be alone; that i’ve gotten through it and I know you can too. I feel that it is important for people to know that they aren’t alone when faced with a problem.

I know when I was little I always wanted to write a song that could help me when I was in need and to be that person I wished I could be.

That´s amazing that you´ve alway related to music as some sort of a “feel good” friend or a “safe place”. “Walkaway” is a beautiful love ballad in the style of Adele & Lewis Capaldi. How important are artists you admire in your creative process? How do they inform your own artistic development and who are some of the artists on your current playlist?

I’ve always adored Adele ever since I was young. I can pretty much remember most of Adele’s songs such as Rumour Has It , Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like you and so many more. She always inspired me as I truly felt the emotions in her songs and the meaning in the words. I truly wished to be like her when I was younger.

One song that truly memarised me was Skyfall. When I first heard it I fell in love and wished to create a song like that. I was also inspired by Lewis Capaldi as I loved his songs, Someone You Loved and Before You Go.

When I listened to them I swear I genuinely wanted to cry by how much it hit me, both the words and the feeling put into it.

They influenced a lot of the songs due the style they did and I loved a good grand piano.

As for artists on my playlist at the minute I’m listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran songs, a singer called Clinton Kane, Blackpink, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and so many more. I love finding new artists.

Your powerful and impressive vocal performances stand out on all songs. Did singing always come naturally to you or was it quite a bit of work to develop your signature sound?

I’ve always sung since a young age, I first started singing Italian Arias before singing modern songs. I always felt singing came naturally to me since my mum and dad sang and played music in the past.

Having said that I also worked hard in order to make sure my singing was the best it could be and I’m hugely grateful to my amazing Vocal Coach Amelia McCloskey of AM Studios for her guidance, help and support.

That´s amazing! The hard work sure paid off! When writing songs, what comes easier to you – writing melodies or lyrics?

Definitly the melody as I always come up with a melody before writing lyrics.

How do you usually approach a new song project? What gets you started and do you write songs in one session or over a span of days, weeks or months?

Well when it comes to writing songs I like to take my time with it and make sure I’m in the right mood for it. I don’t want to rush a song otherwise I won’t get the full beauty and essence I want the audience to feel when listening to it.

So I’d say it depends on the day. Some days I can write a song in a day, other days it may take me a whole month to write one I’m happy with.

What is one of your favorite lyric line you’ve written?

‘don’t take my kindness for weakness’

Great one! I love your songline “I´ve never learned to stop and think, I´m always rushing to the end, but lately I surrender to what´s gonna be and through it I have now found me.” How important is letting go of control and specific goals in the artmaking process in your opinion and does it come easy to you?

One thing I’ve learnt is that no matter how hard we try to control things sometimes you’ve just got to give in and somehow things end up exactly right. Surrendering to what’s going to happen isn’t easy.

We think it’s important to control things, take this EP, I really wanted to write a happy upbeat song but when I stopped trying to push it I realised that there was a story in the music that wasn’t finished and I needed to let it take its course. The result speaks for itself.

That´s beautiful! Speaking of your EP, all your songs display strong storytelling and feel very authentic. One of your songs is even called “My story”. Do you feel like personal experiences make the best songs? In short: Facts or Fiction – who´s the winner?

I think that personal experience makes a song even better. If you can feel the pain or emotion that the person felt during that time in their lives it helps the listener connect to you.

In three words, which ingredients make a good song in your opinion?

Patience, love, and people to bounce ideas off.

Wow! Noone has mentioned that last ingriendent on this blog before! That´s a great one! You are still very young but already have accomplished so much. What is your secret sauce and what is some advice you would give to fellow artists your age?

My secret sauce is patience, but if i had to give any advice to people I’d say, be patient when writing your songs, the world isn’t going to run away. Be patient it’s better to take time writing one and make it touch a person’s soul than to write one and just keep moving on.

Nothing to add to that! Thank you so much for your time and for the music, LIZZIE! Best of success with all your future projects!

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