Ebook “Time to Shine” now available

Are you an introvert? Maybe even a shy introvert? Or are you a highly sensitive, shy introvert?

If you are, you are not alone! There are many introverted songwriters and artists out there, who often don´t even seem that introverted at first sight! But don´t judge a book by its cover. Except this one, that I am offering you today.

Time to Shine- a collection of inspirations for the introverted lady songwriter– is an ebook I designed for folks like you and me, who are introverted writers, that may sometimes struggle with the high demands the industry sets with regard to networking, selling yourself and being in the spotlight so much!

This book is filled with 50 pages full of little quotes, mantras, inspiring pictures and some food for thought, to help you strive as an artist without compromising your introverted or even shy nature!  It comes as PDF version and can be downloaded via this LINK.

To give you a little peek inside, see the images below!

Happy Sunday, my lovelies!

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