Why everyone urges you to write a little every day!

Writing songs can come easy to you, or really hard! It all depends on the day I guess! You know, some songs take 5 minutes and literally write themselves, others take months in shaping and reshaping before something solid comes out! That being said, it is tempting to “only” write when inspiration strikes! However, do remember that songwriting is a craft really! And as such has nothing to do with your mood or how many heartbreaks you´ve been through last week!

While I´d agree, that you need to have something to say to make a song be an authentic meaningful piece of art , I would suggest you work on perfecting your craft, even if inspiration isn´t anywhere near to be found!


What does perfecting the craft mean?

Well, first of all, there´s always something new to learn…whether that be going more in depth on music theory, or exploring different grooves, or analyzing songs of artists you admire, you can always work towards improving your own understanding of music. Besides that, writing something ever day, will keep your brain active, so that when inspiration strikes, you are all set to take that buddy home!

Keep in mind, that sometimes you tend to write the same kind of tunes in 20 variations. It´s what happens a lot to songwriters. I guess it is kind of normal to “have a pattern” that you follow intuitively.

However, once you´ve written 20 songs, all similar to one another, you might get annoyed and ready to step up the game a bit and experiment with new styles! That´s why it is important to get anything out, that blocks you from creating that one song, that´s slumbering underneath!

Basically means: You gotta wake up your inner songwriting genius by making noise constantly!


Let me know your experiences! I´d love to read through your comments!