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Four amazing podcasts for indie musicians

Are you an indie musician struggling to keep up with the ever changing crazy music business?  Well, the good news is, that indie musicians have never been as empowered as they are in today´s music market! Sure, the road to success is long and rocky, but there´s plenty of resources to help you get there! Listening to podcasts is one way to educate yourself on up-to-date business strategies.

In today´s post we would like to give an overview on some of the best podcasts out there. So here we go:

The profitable Musician Show

Bree Noble is an industry expert that you will come across sooner or later! She is the founder of Women of Substance radio and Female Musician Academy, singer/songwriter herself and has recently launched this brand new podcast to help indie musicians expand their income streams. So far there´s 5 episodes out, that focus on Recording & Releasing music, Performing and Livestreaming, Freelance Work and Fan Support. These 4 cornerstones of generating an income as a musician are being discussed in depth!

Definitely go check this out:

Studio B podcast

A very inspirational monthly podcast that features artists as well as industry professionals for best practice interviews on various topics. From vocal technique, to staying fit on tour, to getting your music on the radio and much more. The roundabout 60 minute long episodes are hosted by radio host Sarah Scott, who was recently nominated for “Industry Person of the Year” by Country Music Alberta Awards.

Head over here to give this a listen:

Pitchlist Podcast

Currently in its 3rd season, this podcast is your go to place for songwriting interviews and conversations! Focusing on the creatives behind the songs, this show is hosted by Chris Lindsey, a hit songwriter out of Nashville. He dives into the making of songs and the challenges the music industry holds for songwriters in his weekly episodes! Pitchlist Podcast is part of the American Songwriter Podcast Network.

Listen here:

Sounds on the Couch Podcast

This podcast by Melbourne based singer/songwriter Karen Harding presents artist interviews as well as expert talks to empower emerging artists along their journey through the music bizz. The podcast episodes range from 20 minute chats to 90 minutes in depth talks.

Listen here: 

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