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New Music Friday

Another New Music Friday! Like every last Friday in the month, we introduce you to new music we have found, and which you can check out on our Spotify Playlists.

To pitch music for our playlists, please make sure to inlcude “Music Friday” into the subject line in the email.

This month, we have added three amazing new tracks to our playlists:

SILVRE – YOU DON`T REALLY LIKE HIM – on our Pop Discoveries Playlist

The UK based singer/songwriter Silvre debuted her first ever single release this month! “You don´t really like him” is a groovy pop tune, that incorporates some dark, heavy beats underneath angelic, clear vocals. The song talks about the scars we might carry from previous relationships and how these wounds make us more beautiful to our next partner.

Listen here:

GEMMA – WHALE ON MY SHOULDER – on our Artists to watch in 2020 playlist

Singer/Songwriter GEMMA from Dublin released her single “Whale on my shoulder” beginning of this month. Her crystal clear voice takes us on a folky journey. This song makes you want to drift away…the enchanting backing vocals add a very special ocean-like ambiance.

Listen here:

WANDERING SOULS – MUSIC NEVER DIES – on our Country Voices playlist

A German Folk/Country Duo that sounds very Nashvill-y. Wandering Souls bring you accoustic vibes with their song “Music never dies”, which was created during the pandemic and helps us focus our energy on things to be grateful for, more precisely for the music in our lives! Loving the banjo sounds in this track!

Listen here:

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