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How to best benefit from Reality TV Singing Shows

It is that time of year again. Lots of auditions for some of the most popular Reality TV Singing Shows have just happened and you might have been among the lucky ones to be considered. Or maybe you want to try for next year´s season.

Either way, participating in a big national TV show can help you move forward as an artist, or, if you are unprepared, it might propel you backward. But let´s look at it all in detail.

Grab the opportunity 

As with most Casting- or Talent shows, we all know that you have hardly any time to prove yourself. There are no second chances and the 2 minutes something you are granted to show off your talent are all you´ll get! Either you own your performances or you´re done. This can be nerve-wrecking for sure, but even more so, if you come in with a mindset that´s “all or nothing/black and white thinking” based. As singer/songwriter and music coach Brianna Ruelas so rightly pointed out in her bestselling book “Make Reality TV your Reality“, mindset is everything. If you focus on using the exposure to grow your fanbase and reinforce your artist brand instead of focusing on bringing home that trophy, you may benefit in multiple ways. Firstly, you are taking off the pressure to win the game and instead can start to enjoy every round, secondly, you can savour your time on the show and remake an effort to win new fans and network with industry professionals throughout all steps of the show (as opposed to “only” focussing on your vocal performance).

One mistake artists make….

A lot of times, artists just walk into such shows with no idea of what it is they themselves expect from the format and the music business altogether. Don´t be that naive! Even winning a show like the Voice or American Idol and the likes, is only the beginning step. It won´t spare you the hard work, dedication to building your personal brand and constant networking that goes into it. In order to break it in this business, you have to get ahead of your own game.

With that said, here are three quick tips to pay attention to before taking the big stage:

Consider who you are as an artist and who your fans are

Find out what might resonate with them and make sure to commit to that. This could be something as simple as a certain accessory that shows your personality and works like a trademark. Make sure to stick to one or two unnegotiable things to be memorized for! It´s all about getting the attention in the beginning.

Make sure you have all your socials and website ramped up before the TV show airs

Fans will want to find you online and connect with you. This is how things work in our culture these days. So be visible and be present! Monitor all the likes and comments and follows you might get and react to those.  Show potential new fans that you care.

Be super hard on yourself while practicing.

Invest in  a good vocal coach and establish a healthy routine, but also get some expertise advice on how to perform. Even in shows like The Voice, that might not focus on perfomance during the blind auditions, once you´re in, you gotta deliver! So, make sure to prepare like you would for a marathon! Start today, work continuously and be super hard on yourself, so you can enjoy the stage once the time has come.

Brianna Ruelas – Reality TV Music Coach, photo credit: Amanda Marie

Listen to the experts

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