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The Artist One Sheet

Whether you are a songwriter or a performing artist, you will want to create a one sheet to send to industry professionals and  the press.

A one sheet is like a CV. It enlists a short bio, your story, some career highlights you´ve had so far as well as an overview on current and future releases.

But let´s walk through all aspects:

1) Short bio

Your bio is a very important element in making a connection. People will want to find out about who you are and how you got to where you´re at! It is a crucial trust building section in your one sheet. Make sure to keep this bio very short. 500 words max. Do make it interesting to read. Think about who you are sending the one sheet to. You may modify your bio depending on who you target. If sending this to editors of a country magazine, you might highlight your country upbringing, whereas when sending this to a TED conference team that might want to book you, you could focus more on your early stage moments and your love of performing in front of live audiences. You get the idea. Be authentic, but do consider which parts of your story are most interesting to your reader.

2) Story

Besides your bio (which is esentially your history), you will want to share your personal artist story. The reasons you do what you do! The learnings from your artist journey and the mission you´re on. Make this super short!

3) Milestones / Selling points

This section is meant to highlight your successes and undermine your credibility as an artist. Such milestones could be media mentions, Awards you´ve won, collaborations you´ve had with renowned industry professionals or chart hits. Anything that´s been a milestone on your journey so far.

4) Releases

This is a no brainer really. When promoting your music, you will want people to know about your recent releases or upcoming ones.  List the song titles and important mentions, such as “cowritten with…” or “produced by hit producer xy”.

5) Other essentials to include

Make sure to include a picture of you next to your bio, as well as links to your website and socials. At the bottom of the page add your contact details.


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