How to deal with stagefright!

Stading in the spotlight can be nerve-wracking! And yet the spotlight is also a place of love!

Being a performing artist (of whichever kind, whether you are an actor, a comedian, a magician, or a singer/musician) undoubtedly requires a lot of courage! If you are shy by nature, stepping on a stage and being the center of attention can be extra hard and might seem super counterintuitive! And even if you aren´t shy at all in  your everyday life, the stage can indeed make you feel nervous and anxious!

Good news is: This is completely normal!! Nobody likes to make a fool of themselves! Nobody likes to be bullied! This “social fear” is part of the human experience. As humans, we are social beings. We need our community in order to thrive! In ancient times being accepted and valued by our peers was literally crucial for our  survival!  While this no longer seems as drastic, the fear of being rejected is still very real!

However, as with all things in life, there´s always two or more sides  to a story.

BUT…first things first! If there´s one thing you need to keep in mind, it´s this: Your life won´t just end if the worst case scenario proves true! Even if you do make a fool of yourself, you´ll get over it! Failing and getting hurt is just part of life! If you always avoid the hurt, you´ll never grow! You´ll never live!

That being said, I think it is wise, to focus our mind on the positive sides the stage has to offer!

And there´s plenty! When you step on a stage -all eyes on you – you are suddenly in power! People grant you their time and their ears and eyes and are excited to receive what you have to offer! Once you shift your mind away from feeling victimized and exposed up there, and towards empowerment, your confidence rises automatically.

The stage can help you express what everyday life doesn´t allow you to express!

This is your chance to “make a connection” with others! Feeling connected can feel like healing if you are a shy person by nature! Being shy usually means feeling disconnected, inhibited and fearful! On a stage, you allow yourself to receive love! And I don´t mean “approval or praise”…but the mere fact, that people are willing to truly “listen”! That´s love, baby!

You may still think: But, what if I mess up? Let me tell you something! Yes – you  may screw up! It does happen! Nobody´s perfect!

But you will see, that most of the time, people are actually good people! Escpecially if you start out in “beginner friendly setting”, where people allow for flaws and mistakes! They will welcome your performance, they encourage you to be “strong” up there. If you screw up completely, then so what! They might not applaude as loudly.

And if an audience actually boos you out, then you should still cheer on the inside for having tried!

The stage has another advantage ! It allows you to enlarge your “personal space” We rarely take up enough space in our lifes! The stage is your friend!

So, to sum things up: Be easy on you! It´s only show business!  🙂

Still not convinced? Then take this:

If you suffer from stage fright severely, the following video is for you! I put together 7 tips to help you accept your emotions and overcome the terror!