In my bag – 5 things a songwriter should bring everywhere

Being a songwriter, or a writer in general, is (to me) the finest among all forms of arts. You create something from nothing! And what you create doesn´t even materialize – unless you produce an actual recording or write/print your stories into an actual book.

The beauty of being a songwriter is that you can write songs anywhere and everywhere!

“Free like a bird”….you could say I guess….

There´s a couple of things I recommend carrying with you at any time though!


Here´s a peak into my handbag, and the 5 items, I never leave at home!

A cellphone for voice recordings (also comes in handy for tuning)

Carrying your smartphone with you, can be a blessing and a curse. We definitely spend too much time on social media or on the phone. However, there are some apps and tools, that are non negotiable for a songwriter. My favorite apps include:

The voice memo function, that allows you to record idea snippets on the go! Make sure to quickly save any melody or lyric idea that pops to mind in a short voice memo!

Another cool tool is the notes or text editor. Save any idea that comes to mind in a short note…unless you bring an actual notebook (see bullet point two).

If you wanna play a spontaneous gig or if you find a guitar somewhere to help you work out song ideas, there are also great “tuner” apps, to help you tune the guitar. This can be a life saver at times!

A lil notebook and a pen

As stated in bullet point one, an app to write down ideas and notes, comes with your cellphone. However, I sometimes prefer to work with pen and paper. That way, I can stay away from the temptation to scroll through Instagram feeds and websites, when all I wanted to do is write down my own original thoughts (Mind: sometimes scrolling through the web brings you new ideas of course, but more than often it is a mere distraction and time killer).

A capo

If you are a guitar player like me, I recommend bringing a capo everywhere. You never know, when and where you could use it. A capo helps you transpose keys more easily and is also helpful if you cowrite and your or the other person needs to find their key of choice to even get started.


I usually bring some good quality in ears everywhere I go. For one, they can actually be a noise cancelling blessing, if you need some quiet to focus on your thoughts. And they can also help you listen back to song ideas in your voice memos, so you can tweak on them or keep working on actual verses and chorus lines. After all, listening to your songs over and over and adjusting any part, that doesn’t feel right, is crucial in making them the best version they can be!

A bottle of water

Last not least- I always try to bring a bottle of water. I usually take a glass or steel bottle, that I fill up in the morning and wash at night. Staying hydrated not only helps your brain function better, but also keeps your voice healthy!

So there you go! Those are my 5 items I never leave at home!