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How to support your favorite bands without spending a dime

A lot of music enthusiasts are truly happy to support their favorite artists, to the point of buying concert tickets and travelling across the country to see them play live, and yet, on social media, some of the most obvious ways to really show some appreciation to your favorite bands and singers often remain unleveraged.

We need to change that! That is precisely why we have put together an overview on how to help and give back to your favorite artists in very simple ways on social media! If you do not want to spend money and download their music, consider these little acts of kindness, that require little time, but mean so much to us artists!

How to support your favorite artists on Social Media with very little effort:

Let´s break this down to the various platforms you might go to, to consume music and follow some of your favorite artists. The steps oulined below are very simple, but they are worth so much!


  • Follow the artist´s Spotify account! Please do!
  • Stream their full songs (if you have time). By not bouncing off in the middle of the song, you really help the artist get more recogniton by the Spotify algorithm. If you can, listen to your favorite songs a couple of times even.
  • “Heart” some of the songs and consider adding them to some of your own playlists!


  • Follow your favorite artists (again, this one sounds obvious, right? ;))
  • Instead of „merely“ liking a post, leave a comment, but make it is at least four words long! It really makes a differece and shows real interest and engagement. Instagram will notice and reward!
  • “Save” some of your favorite posts with the little flag (on the right hand side underneath each post). This will drive engagement and is worth so much!
  • Share some posts to your stories! Yaay!
  • When creating a reel, consider using one of the artist´s songs in the reel.


  • Follow the artist and also hit the „subsciption“ bell.
  • If you like a video, leave a comment and give it a like.
  • Come back to your favorite videos every now and then and rewatch them (all the way to the end, if you can)


  • Follow and subscribe to the artist page.
  • Engage in conversations via comments
  • Like and share poss to your Facebook newsfeed
  • Share Facebook live performances with your peers
  • Consider inviting friends to the artist page (As we know by now, we tend to forget the obvious;))

To all the fans out there that are already supporting their favorite artists in these or other ways: Thank you! This means so much! To anyone sharing this post, thank you so much as well! Raising awareness is one more way to support and help musicians survive in these difficult times! Bless you!

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