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New Music Friday – June Issue

It is New Music Friday-yay! Every last Friday of the month, we introduce to new music from our readers and from across the internet, which are being featured on our Spotify Playlists.

To pitch music to us, please make sure to inlcude “Music Friday” into the subject line of your e-mail.

Ready for some new tracks? Let´s go:

PATINA LUX – LOCKDOWN LOVE – on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

Berlin based singer/songwriter PATINA LUX has released her debut single. “Lockdown love” is a catchy pop tune, which PATINA LUX wrote, performed and produced entirely by herself. Make sure to check out this talented newcomer artist and her debut single here:

STEPHANIE RYANN – GRAVEL- on our Country Voices Playlist

Our Country Fans will enjoy this energetic new single by Stephanie Ryann. “Gravel” dropped today and encourages listeners to go explore and chase dreams. A perfect roadtrippin song if you ask us;)

NURIA – CLOSER – on our Pop Discoveries  playlist

Another addition to our Pop Discoveries Playlist is Nuria´s new single “Closer” which combines soft vocals with heavy synth sounds and a spacy pop vibe. Sparse verses are followed by a repetitive hook that feels captivating:

TENILLE TOWNES – GIRL WHO DIDN`T CARE – on our Country Voices Playlist

Tenille Townes is no longer a secret gem. Her unique and recognizable voice shines through this edgy country-op tune, titled “Girl who didn´t care”. Go listen:


We have just discovered Felun whose vintage-y light folk sound in “A magic light” really  makes us smile. What a lovely song to kick in the weekend.


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