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THE METADATA FOR MUSIC WORKSHOP will change your life!

Metadata might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of something fun, BUT getting your ducks in a row before pitching music for sync is absolutely mandatory and a lot less boring than you might think!

Why they matter more than you might think 

Missing metadata or wrong metadata are a red light for many music supervisors and sync professionals, so knowledge about what to insert where is key!
The good news is that you have two amazingly successful music experts by your side for 4 weeks straight, beginning this Saturday, June 19th to teach you the ropes in four 2 hour lessons streaching over 4 weeks, as well as additional tutoring during the week!

Multiple hit songwriter and producer and Emmy Award winner Michèle Vice-Maslin who comes with over 5000 worldwide song cuts and placements which she has landed over 4 decades in the business and Marketing and synch expert Mark Frieser, who is the founder of Sync Summit and the weekly synch cafe are teaming up to give you all the goodies!

Keep in mind that without the right metadata you and your music won’t get found and you’ll miss out on potential opportunities and PAYMENTS by streaming services, PROs, CMOs, syncs and fans.

My dear readers, this is not a sponsored post by any means, but a personal recommendation I am sending, being one of Michele’s alumni myself! I have never had a better mentor by my side ever!
GO SAVE YOUR SEAT if you want to move a step closer to getting your songs PLACED in moving pictures!

The workshop consists of:

  •  Four Intensive weekly two-hour classes via zoom.
  •  Four Office hours for one-on-one and in-class consultation. 
  •  Assignments and instruction on:
    • The basics of building good metadata, 
    • How to organise your song catalogues through using the right metadata,
    • How to customise your metadata for presentation to A&R,
    • How to customise your metadata for brands and endorsements,
    • How to keep good accounting through metadata of where your music has been pitched, used and by whom.
    • How to properly tag and target your metadata so that it is found by search engines, 
    • Customising for all steaming services and social media so that your music is found and you’ll receive maximum revenue
    • What tools to use and how and when to use them
    • And much more tips, tools and feedback on your metadata’s quality and accuracy
  • Documentation that includes a detailed worksheet on how to tweak your metadata for every search engine, social network and streaming service, and for sync platforms like Disco.
  • Spreadsheets to keep track of your tagging, your pitching, your metadata for each streaming service, social network, A&R reps and all others you interact with in your music business. 
  •  A glossary of commonly used metadata tags for sync and when and how to apply them
  •  A video archive of all office hours and classes
  •  Feedback in email and online.

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If you’d like to join the Metadata for Music Workshop, you can do so by registring via THIS LINK

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