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New Music Friday – Spotify Playlist

It´s New Music Friday, everyone! Every last Friday in the month, we introduce you to new music we have found, and which you can check out on our Spotify Playlists.

To pitch music for our playlists, please make sure to inlcude “Music Friday” into the subject line in the email.

This month, we have four awesome positive tracks for you to listen to:


The South African singer/songwriter and guitarist Jonathan Butler has released a collaborative track written by himself and Emmy winning Hit Songwriter and Producer Michèle Vice-Maslin. “Our voices matter” holds a beautiful empowering message in today’s global world. This song promotes hope and human connection in times of uncertainty and turmoil! A pledge for change that has long been overdue!  We love this song and are listening on repeat! Artists that collaborated on this projects include Candy Dulfer, Jeffrey Osborne, Maysa, Dave Koz, Rick Braun, Marcus Miller, Will Kennedy, Ruslan Sirota, Arlington Jones, Ramon Yslas and Antonio Sol. Listen here:


Singer/Songwriter Jon Pattie presents his song “Dream on“, which dropped October 2nd and elaborates on a doomed love relationship, that might have taken another turn in another life!

Jon combines soothing pop sounds with some stand-out guitars, thus adding alertness and the suble feeling of a certain dissonance between two people. This laid-back track feels “dreamy” overall for sure! The poetic lyrics in verse 1 draw the listener in instantly:

“I remember the stars that kept us company
As police sirens whispered by
We talked of how far we’d go
While your posters slept in candlelight”

A song we love to listen to on a mellow evening with a glass of wine at hands!


Another track we are listening to on repeat is “Headlight” by Nuria. The pop track comes with a fancy video production and centers around expressing your inner world despite facing constraints from society!


Last not least, Nashville based singer/songwriter Kalie Schorr enchants us with her new track “My voice“, which was released on October 23th! She mixes Nashville country with punk rock, kind of merging The Verronicas and Kelly Clarkson! This song is an anthem for sticking to being your true self! The song also addresses the disadvantage of women in music, especially in country music!  Get in the car, roll the windows down and sing along everyone! This song is meant to empower and it does!

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