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New music releases and Spotify playlist announcement

It is our pleasure to bring to you 3 brand new music releases by some of our favorite “Artists to Watch” .

To help you find our Song Brewery discoveries faster, we have just set up a Spotify playlist, which goes by the name of “Song Brewery – Artists to Watch (Singer/Songwriter).”

We will be adding more playlists for “Pop”, “Country” and other genres soon as well!

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Nuria – What Will Become Of Us 

As for today, we are delighted to announce a new song release by Tasmanian artist Nuria, who wrote a beautiful song called “What will become of us”. The song is a deeply revealing track about loneliness and the longing to be loved and recognized for who we are. A topic that is even more relevant in times of isolation. And yet the song was inspired by previous life experiences, going back as far as to Nuria´s high school years, when she had to deal with the hurdles of her family falling apart, unrequited love and the desire to fit in with teenage peers. Make sure to give this track a listen here:

as well as on all major streaming services (including our playlist)!

Johnny Bourke- Can´t do without

We are also delighted to promote a brand new track by Irish singer/songwriter Johnny Bourke called “Can´t do without”.

The mid-tempo pop-inspired tune is a perfect summer hit in our opinion! The love inspired tune mixes electrifying guitars with a laid-back beat and punchy vocals. The song instantly makes you smile.

Listen to the track on Soundcloud:

Or head over to our playlist on Spotfiy!

Em George – Fight

Last not least, we are cheering for another long-awaited release by Sydney based Artist Em George. Her single “Fight” dropped today and impresses with its vintage-y style and strong vocals! Fight reminds us that amidst the darkness, there is light. An absolute favorite of ours!

Listen to the track here:

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Happy Release day to the artists and Happy Weekend everyone!

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