How to get started, when feeling uninspired!

Hands down, we all have those days, that feel so unproductive, uninspired and useless. But can´t we overcome these feelings? Like so many great minds suggest, changing your state of mind can literally change everything.

When feeling uninspired and lazy, try stepping away from your current task with these 5 tips:

1) Move your body

Take a walk through the neighbourhood or across a park or a nearby forest you love! Getting your body to move actually moves your thoughts as well! When you feel stuck with ertain ideas in your mind, you need to let go for a bit, let your body take over and get the heart rate up. This will open your vessels and in consequence also enhance your brain activity. A lot of people have their best ideas when working out on a treadmill. So, try to move and let go.

2) Go to a museum or watch a movie

As musicians and writers we are very much focussed on thoughts and listening. This can feel tiring at times! If you feel overwhelmed, try shifting to visual arts. Go to your favorite art gallery or watch a movie, that takes you out of your zone. What you see might subconsciously trigger new ideas or change your mood, which ultimately might bring up new ideas.

3) Talk to yourself

Another great way of digging deeper into what´s on your mind, is to get into a conversation with yourself. Pretend to be talking to someone you like or want to impress. Tell them about things that are on your mind and see how all of a sudden the “change of situation” brings back the flow! This is a magic trick that always works! Promise!

4) Journalling

If you feel uninspired for more than a day, you might suffer from a so called writer´s block! This requires measures that you should apply over a course of time. One great tool to beat the block is journalling. Get up a tad bit earlier in the morning and write 2 to 3 pages of whatever comes to mind…just write for the sake of writing, not for the sake of writing something of relevance. You may come across words, that catch your eyes and interest! Don´t worry if the first days, it all feels pointless…it will get better…this is like decluttering your unnecessary thoughts and digging for the gold! If getting up early sounds like an absolute no go. Try writing your pages midday or at night! It might not be as effective, but worth trying!

5) Listen to your older songs

Last not least. If you still feel unmotivated and uninspired…go through your catalog! Listen to some of your older songs and re-discover your love of songwriting! By enjoying your accomplishments, you automatically feed your desire to create someting new! To do it again!

Let us know if these tips helped you feeling more inspired and motivated to kickstart your next song project!

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Keep it up and come back soon!