Note from the editor

Welcome to the Song Brewery!

Welcome to Song Brewery! We are so proud to launch this new home for songwriters worldwide. Together let´s grow, evolve and become the best artists we could possibly be. And yes, we call songwriters artists! Because songwriting is more than a craft! Like performing, songwriting requires authenticity, creativity and experience and the desire to bring out something special, that swaps the audience away!

This is our calling! This is what we are here for! The Song Brewery team will be your partner in crime in all things songwriting, producing, publishing and marketing! 

Whether you opt for synch music, radio play or are a hobby songwriter. We welcome creatives of any background! After all, there are no definitions and boundaries in art! So, let´s go crazy!

Make sure to follow us on our social accounts (in the footer), so you won´t miss any updates. 

For those of you, who are new to songwriting, or feel stuck, we will soon offer in depths songwriting courses. The first one is set to launch in September and is all about “Lyric writing“. A music theory course is also currently in the making. 

If you are a songwriter, that loves to teach, and wanna be part of our team, drop us a message! We welcome motivated people that are determined to change the world through songs! Music is power!