Note from the editor

Take your time! Really do!

What makes art so special?

Well! It is our awe over how good a piece of art is and how much it resonates with our own inner life! Whether we talk music, visual art or poetry or any other form of art really…what matters is a unique voice/message, great craftmanship and the way the work communicates with us!

Now, in order to create such a masterpiece, it really makes sense to slow the process down! To give it time to evolve and to give YOURSELF time to evolve as an artist, too!

I often find myself frustrated with the works I put out, as they don´t come close to the mastery I have in mind. A lot of times I find myself almost quitting! Thinking: I´ll never be a good artist! But art my friends is a process! Songwriting is a developmental skill!

You can read it everywhere! Baby steps are the secret to success! And it is true! Do not be too hard on yourself, if you aren´t a master after having tried only few times! It takes 10.000 hours to truely master a skill, right? Have you heard of that?

Now, be honest with yourself! How many hours have you spent writing and tweaking on songs? How many hours have you studied music theory or grooves or worked on mastering your instrument? How many hours have you invested into recording vocals properly or producing/arranging songs? Creating a good record takes many different talents that each need to be developed over time! Mere talent without refinement is meaningless! It is like an idea not executed!

So, before telling yourself you´ve tried so hard and are still failing, don´t be so impatient with yourself !I know it hurts to fail! I know it hurts to not see your progress despite making such an effort! The truth is, you are making progress! Baby steps just do not feel like it!

Bottom line is..

…to be prepared to to go on a slow, long winded journey! It might take many years before you´ll put out a song you love completely! But it is all worth it! Learn to love all your babies in all stages! Music is life! Life is everchanging and evolving! Embrace your artistry and keep creating!

Much love,


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