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Artist Talk with Silvre

You don´t really like him is a mysterious sounding pop track with what´s not to like lyrics and amazingly smooth vocals from UK based singer/songwriter Silvre.

This debut single has been long awaited and we are delighted that Silvre took some time to chat with us about the making of the song, her inspiration behind it and the message the song holds .

Silvre, congrats on your debut single release! We are so in love with this song.  Been listening on repeat! Tell us, when did the song come to existence and was it inspired by a real life experience?

Yaaaay, so glad you like it – being my debut single, it was a bit scary to put the song out there in the big bad world, but it feels good! So this song was actually written during the first lockdown in March this year and is inspired from my own experience of relationships.  Some of the things you love most about your partner, turn out to be the demise of their previous relationships – it just proves that there is someone out there for everyone!

When you wrote the song, did you already know how you wanted it to sound like? Did you write it to a beat or on a guitar or piano ( just lyrics and chords) or how did you get started at all?

So I actually take a lot of inspiration from previously written songs and write the lyrics from there. I come up with a song concept and then find a song that evokes the same feelings that I want to create, I then play that song on repeat (just the music, not lyrics) whilst I write a load of lyrics.  It is the best way to really get the feeling, as you are ACTUALLY feeling it whilst you write. The task after that is then to create music that works with the concept – this is where some talented co-writers come in!

How important are lyrics to you in a song? And how important is spreading a certain message through songs?

I feel this is pinnacle to a song as lyrics are the part you remember and also the part you can sing along to (and hopefully can’t get out of your head). Nothing beats hearing someone descibe what you are feeling in a beautiful and well thought out way. And music is a catchy way to spread a message, this is one of the main driving forces behind my musical project and will certainly come across through the rest of my EP.

Love that! Who are some of your influences, both from today´s music market and artists you listened to growing up?

Aaaaah growing up, it was bands like Spice Girls, Take That, Destiny’s Child, Mis-teeq and TLC – the females really taking charge! I then moved into more rock bands, like Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, Biffy Clyro and Fall Out Boy.  But most of my inspiration for this EP comes from artists like Banks and FKA Twigs , a dance influence appearing in two of the tracks, too.

Wow! Quite a mix of influences! “You don´t really like him” is your first single off an upcoming EP.  How many songs can we expect and what are the topics those will touch on?

There are four songs on this EP and quite a few topics are covered.  But the main focuses are mental health and fake influencers/celebrities, the latter appearing in two tracks, so it’s a key theme/topic for me at the moment.

I love that you are an advocate for authenticity! Been following your Instagram for a while and love that! Let´s talk songwriting a bit more! In your opinion what are some ingredients that make a song a hit?

Ooooh so many things, but I think relatable lyrics, and standout hooks are what make people come back and listen again – and that is the sign of a successful song.  Getting people to hear it in the first place is the tough part!

When did you start writing songs and what inspired you to get started?

It was about six years ago, I got made redundant from my job and also broke up with my fiance, so I wanted to find a hobby that I could focus all my time on (instead of just being in the pub all day).  I have always LOVED music, so I took up singing and dancing lessons and taught myself how to write music – it kind of spirraled from there! hahaha

You´ve mentioned cowriting? Do you do it a lot and what are the benefits of it in your opinion? 

Oooooh yes, I would not be here without cowriters. I spent the first five years writing by myself and the progress I made as soon as I cowrote was incredible.  There are few people that are talented in all aspects of writing, so if like me, you are pretty rubbish at certain parts, find someone else who is great in this area and create a song with them.  It is also so important to bring together different ideas, especially if you have become stuck with a certain song you are writing.

As an indie artist, how do you balance the creative work with admin/legal work that needs to be taken care of as well?

I would say it is a strong 50:50 split.  I definitely don’t sing as much as I’d like, especially with lockdown preventing gigs, but there is a lot of admin to work through.  I make sure I do some vocals at least once a day, and always plan what I will work on (learning covers, vocal exercises) as that saves time faffing. The rest of the time is spent doing admin and writing.  It’s tough when you have a full time job as well – never a dull day though!

Yeah! Indie songwriters are busy bees! People underestimate the hard work that goes into it! Tell us, what do you think should a modern songwriter/artist bring to the table to succeed in this business?

Ultimately, you need a bloody good song, but I feel success these days is authenticity and someone you can relate to.  That is why Adele was so successful, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is just so honest.  The world is full of fake people and filters, so I feel people just want something bloody real!

One last tip you would want to pass on to our songwriting readers?

If you are ever stuck, either in the middle of a song or getting started, have a listen to songs that evoke a strong feeling for you, get in that feeling and write lyrics from there.  Even if they are a jumble of random lyrics, that can easily begin to form your song.

Thank you so much, Silvre! We are excited for you and wishing you best of succes with the Single and EP and your future projects! 

Thank you so much!! Honoured to be featured on your blog, keep up the great work! 😀

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